Improv & Sketch Comedy

I created a comedy webseries with Anger Girls called MEN READING DIARIES. Check it out!

comedy webseries that I created and host, Intense Confesh, can be seen HERE!

I debuted my one-woman show, TEXT ME BACK: A One-Woman Show That Just Wants To Hear From You, summer 2015 in NYC! Vids here & here! It proceeded to play at The Annoyance theatre in NYC in February & March of 2016!


I sometimes appear on George Takei’s Facebook Live videos to host/participate with him, and I appear in George Takei’s series, It Takeis Two.

I write and perform sketch comedy with my group The D.A. We’ve performed at NYC Sketchfest and Montreal Sketchfest! Additionally, we host and perform in a weekly showcase at Legion Bar in Brooklyn.


I performed in the Bad Theater Fest in Me and My Birdie! An Ornithological Rock Opera on October 29th and November 6th of 2015 and at The PIT in July 2016. It  had a run at The PIT October thru December of 2016.

SUMMER 2015 in New York I did a sold-out staged live reading of an episode of The Hills with my favorite comedian friends. We did The X-Files, Degrassi, Nick & Jessica’s Family Christmas Special, and The Steve Harvey show in the proceeding months.

You can also see my staged comedy show of my site Rocks At The Bottom called AN HOUR OF FAILURE, which I run monthly. It was featured in TIME OUT NEW YORK! Learn more here. Previous live guests include Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver), Anna Drezen (SNL), Chris Thayer (Adam DeVine’s House Party), and many more!

I do improv at UCB in New York. August 2016 I appeared at UCB in “The Goon Squad”, directed by Joey Price – an improv show inspired by A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. In May 2016, I appeared at the UCB Chelsea theater in “House Hunt”, directed by Erik Tanouye. It’s an improv show based on and parodying HGTV shows.

My indie teams in New York have performed in UCB’s Indie Cagematch in March 2015, January 2016, August 2016, March 2017, and the Del Close Marathon Indie Cagematch in June 2015 & 2016, in which we made it to the final three competing teams out of hundreds who submitted. It was also featured in the New York Times!


I currently perform with LASSO, THE D.A., BABY GENIES, and TECHNICALLY, BEVERLY. I’ve performed at UCB’s Del Close Marathon every year since 2011 and I host a weekly improv/sketch showcase at Legion Bar in Brooklyn.

I wrote and directed a sketch show called The Regional Junior High School Theater Festival, which premiered in January 2015 a sold-out house in New York.

I graduated from Boston University, where I performed in and ran the school’s only longform improv group, Sons of LibertyI’ve done shows & workshops elsewhere, and I’ve performed improv at:

  • Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (The Goon SquadHouse Hunt, Grounded Harolds, Advanced Study Harold Program, Advanced Study Performance, Completion of Long-Form Improv Program)
  • The Player’s Theatre
  • The Annoyance (Dog Fight 4X Champion)
  • Under St. Mark’s
  • The PIT (NYC Improv Fest, Act One, Human Centipede)
  • The Del Close Marathon in NYC
  • National College Comedy Festival at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • ImprovBoston Cagematch
  • ImprovBoston Nightcap
  • ImprovBoston Open Comedy Jam – anchor improviser
  • BU’s Funniest Group competition

In college I was a writer/performer for BU’s sketch comedy collective, Theatre For Everyone. Promo vids HERE.

I write and perform sketch comedy for video/stage in NYC.  Every month in NYC my group The D.A. puts up an all-original sketch show called NO PARENTS! at Legion Bar in Brooklyn, and we’ve performed at NYC SketchFest and Montreal SketchFest.

Email me at if you’re interested in my television writing packet.


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