How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 2: Mooching In D.C.

In the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2003 Hudson/McConaughey romp, Anthony Scaramucci is a hotshot communications director. He’s brash, sassy, and cynical. He’s tired of the day-in and day-out slog of being married to a brilliant female finance executive who has agreed to spend the best years of her life with him and carry his beautiful child. Boooorrring! We’ve all been there. Yawn.

Scaramucci’s plight hits him all at once during one of his morning cry-screaming-into-a-bowl-of-bubbling-marinara-sauce-to-make-sure-it-doesn’t-need-more-chopped-garlic sessions: “I have to get out.” In this moment of reckoning, Anthony promises himself that he will leave his life behind forever if he can make a new career for himself work in under 10 days.

Our hero slaps on his golden cufflinks that are just spray-painted pieces of penne pasta and bravely decides to step out of his comfort zone into a new world. That world is…The White House?!?!? Zoinks!

Little does Anthony know that his new boss, Don Trump – the bold, confident, and Lunchable’s-loving President of the United States – has a similar plan up his sleeve. Trump has cooked up quite the kooky scheme for any new fella who comes his way: If a guy can go 10 whole entire days without saying the phrase “suck my own cock”, he gets to stay in the White House.

These two hilarious heartthrobs never know of the other’s hidden plans. Hijinks, confusion, spills, thrills, adventure, surprise, rampant misogyny, and bankruptcy ensue!

This zany and unpredictable sequel (with a special cameo from the legendary Bebe Neuwirth reprising her role as the merciless fashion mag exec from the first film!) is a barrel of laughs and collusion. Was it worth it for the cheeky Anthony to sell his former business, leave his successful and gorgeous life partner, and skip the birth of his child? Will slick Don finally let his guard down and accept this charming, mouthy calzone for who he is? Will Anthony get through 10 whole days without saying the phrase “suck my own cock”, and open up his heart?

Only this fast-paced 90-minute rollicking good time on the silver screen can tell!*

*Or you can just open Twitter.

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