Courtship: Then vs. Now


Then: “Room 716 at The Palomar.”

Now : “94 Meserole St. The numbers have been blown off the building for a few months – it’s the one with the yellow couch out front! Ring for 3L. But only if it’s before 10pm, because the ring is kind of loud and my roommates might be trying to sleep. If it’s after 10pm, text me and I’ll come down to let you up!”



Then: “I’ll pick you up at 7.”

Now: “What do you wanna do? We can meet somewhere near you or whatever is best for your plans – whatever you want! Let me know. Also, what time is good for you?”



Then: “May I put my arm around you at the drive-in?”

Now: “No, you don’t get it, Tarantino is actually an amalgam of a bunch of different genres. See, here he’s using editing techniques to show – ”



Then: “I’m taking you to Paris for Valentine’s Day.”

Now: “Sam has a couch we can crash on in Allston if we want. Can you buy your own Megabus ticket though? I’m gonna try to get out of work early on Friday. We can try to meet up at Sam’s place and then go see his band. $15 cover I think.”



Then: “I will write you letters once we’ve ship out across the Atlantic. I love you.”

Now: “Sry, things have been crazy! Drinks soon maybe? Swamped for the next few weeks tho.”






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