Class of ’16 Senior Superlatives at White Guy High School

We are thrilled to announce our annual Senior Superlatives! Celebrating excellence in multiple categories for the 359th consecutive year here at esteemed White Guy High School:

Most Likely To Use Being A Nerd In High School As Justification For Treating Women Badly When You’re An Adult Man  (Michael Clark)

Most Likely To Upload A Photo Of You On The Game Of Thrones Throne And Another Of You In Front Of Angkor Wat To Your Dating Profiles  (Owen Tallman)

Most Likely To Be Late To Everything But Have It Literally Never Negatively Affect Your Life Ever At All Because Of Your Insane Level Of Privilege  (Matthew Gwinn)

Most Likely To Produce A Podcast Where You’re Just “Real”  (Kyle Clark)

Most Likely To Claim You Do Not Have More Privilege Than Any Systematically Oppressed Group Because You “Have Some Student Loans”  (Brian Callahan)

Most Likely To Yell At A Woman In A Bar Because She Doesn’t Know Who Bill Hicks Is  (Brandon Rogers)

Most Likely To Say That Not Voting Is Cool Because Of A Mark Twain Quote  (Dylan Tallman)

Most Likely To Post A Lengthy Facebook Status Telling People How They Should Feel About Sexual Assault, But Not Personally Reach Out To Any Actual Women In Your Life About It  (Kevin Moore)

Most Likely To Throw A Benefit For Breast Cancer Awareness Month With The Sole Purpose Of Getting Laid  (Kyle Tallman)

Most Likely To Claim To Know Which Street “The BEST” Pho Restaurant Is On  (Kennedy Fairfax)




Congrats to all the wonderful students nominated this year! Thank you for voting!

Have a great summer with your parents in Cape Cod!


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