Functional Dress Pants That Say, “My Dad’s Friend Got Me This Job”


You’re brand new to the big city AND landed an awesome full-time job within a week of moving! WOW, that’s unheard of! Women really can have it all. Congratulations on that sweet connect from your dad’s friend coming through after a few awkward emails, which is why you have this job! Now to dress the part. First impressions are everything. So, when you show up to your new company on the first day, be sure to be rocking some of these trendy functional dress pants that say, “My Dad’s friend got me this job!”


  1. The Pinstripe Trouser

It’s hard to get more classic than a pinstripe trouser. Katherine Hepburn would be proud of this professional pant you’re sporting! Also, the VP of Finance, Dave, and your dad were roommates at SUNY Brockport!








       2. The High-Waisted

This chic shape is all the rage this fall. The 80’s are making a comeback in a big way with a high-waisted pant, and it’s becoming more and more sensible to work this look into your corporate style. Plus, they really get across the narrative that you hadn’t seen Lyle since your first communion, but now he’s your boss! You sent an email saying “Hi I’m James’ daughter, I’d like a job in New York!” to a Hotmail email address that your dad illegibly scribbled down for you when you were home for winter break senior year, and you hoped for the best!



  1. The White Linen Flare

Simple, clean, and totally breathable. These functional pants say, “I’m a go-getter!” They also tell your colleagues that you have no administrative experience and were up against a well-qualified 48-year-old single mother for this office assistant position – but you’ve always dreamed of living in New York! And Kenneth, Dad’s golfing buddy, helped those dreams come true!



      4. The Zip-Pocket Slim-Leg

The daring zip-pocket is a riskier look for sure, but completely functional and sensible. Your true inner and outer millennial will be showing! You take advantage of every moment. Like that one time your dad was going to lose his job and his boss mysteriously went missing before he could be let go – Jim from HR was there! Jim has always been there.



  1. The Relaxed Pencil

Finally, once your first impression has been molded, you can wear something a bit more casual – but still incredibly posh. A relaxed pencil pant and some cute ballet flats are the perfect way to signal that it’s your second week on the 19th floor of that awesome midtown office building and you’re really fitting in there! The CEO being your uncle, who is your dad’s brother and best friend, definitely had nothing to do with it!



Years of unpaid internships, Adderall-fueled late-night study sessions, and countless resume and interview drills can go out the window once you snag one of these essential dress pants off the rack! With these confident looks, you know that your post-grad 20’s will be a breeze – as long as your dad’s friends are there to help you along the way!


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