Your Dad Can’t Come Backstage: An Oral History of the Blackburn High School Theatre Department


The Food Run

HEIDI: There were a lot of politics involved in what car you piled into.

TIM: You would see some people kind of, you know, running. To a car. The right car.

CHANEL: Like only three people has big enough cars to take us out on food runs so it was totally up to them what social group you were going to get lumped into. The rejects usually went in Robert’s car.

VICKI: Opening night is a big deal. This…this culmination. Of everything you’ve all been working for.

ALEX: So the pre-show free time to get dinner is kind of a big deal. There’s a lot of frenetic energy. People want to take pictures. You better pick the right restaurant, the right people, etc.

TIM: You know, it’s not like there aren’t food runs all the time during the rehearsal process. But this, like, matters. The opening night meal. You can’t go to Wendy’s.

VICKI: We usually go to Wendy’s for regular days but we knew that Reynolds was there on opening night. Every opening night.

CHANEL: Would you be included with the confident kids who went to the cheap but kind of exotic Greek restaurant? Or would you end up at Fazoli’s with Robert?

HEIDI: I never ran. I’m very proud of that. I sauntered slowly. And I usually got what I wanted. If you act like you don’t care, Hallie will in fact invite you into her car group.

VICKI: That’s the thing. I always cared too much. And I always ended up at Fazoli’s.

TIM: It’s also not like we couldn’t have just all gone to the same restaurant. But no one wanted to be the follower. I know about the local cuisine of Sapulpa. I wanted to show that I can pick my own places. I’m kind of proud, ya know. No one knew about the wing place until I came along and joined the troupe.

VICKI: Their chicken parm was really good, though. And there’s an unlimited salad bar.


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