Your Dad Can’t Come Backstage: An Oral History of the Blackburn High School Theatre Department


We Can’t All Fit Into The Van

ALEX: Reynolds really thought we would all fit.

TIM: There are six officers. That’s it.

VICKI: There should have been space.

ALEX: He didn’t need the Christmas tree in there. He could have picked up after competition weekend. But there was no convincing him.

VICKI: Reynolds always talked about efficiency. With our rehearsal time. With our department budget. But he forgot about space. Efficiency of space.

TIM: It was a van. So there are technically seven seats. Eight, if you count the driver. So all the officers should have fit.

CHANEL: There’s Heidi and I, the co-Presidents. Then the VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and…wait. That’s five. I know there’s another one. Hold on. Give me a second…

ALEX: Wait. Yeah. Five. What’s the other one? Shit. Get back to me. It wasn’t even that long ago…

TIM: Yeah wait. Hang on.

VICKI: Historian. Historian, guys. I was the Historian.

ALEX: Oh right right right! Yeah. We had to make Vicki lay down in the trunk on the way to competition in Bartlesville.

VICKI: I woke up with pine needles in my sheets for the next three weeks.

HEIDI: But, like, we only got “Excellent” ratings on our duet scene at competition that weekend, anyway. I told Vicki that every female duo would be doing “As You Like It”.


HEIDI: Historians are useless.


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