Sign Up For My Improv Workshop! “HOW TO LOOK COOL ON THE BACK LINE”

Confident in your improv but always tripped up and in your head about the decision regarding how you should look while you’re standing on the back line?! Are you supposed lean on the chair? Kneel down? Arms folded? How do YOU show YOUR true self through your back line stance?! I’m here to help!

Even though you’re not performing, you’re being watched! Want to learn how to show people “Hey, I like improv and everything, but I actually know that I’m too cool for all this, this is just a stepping stone in my long, illustrious comedy career,”? All with one effortless, simple, nonchalant stance?!

This is the workshop for you! $3500, I accept all form of payment, but prefer you blowing pennies out your ass.


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