Appropriate Jigsaw Puzzle Pictures

“Three Collegiate Virgins Sitting At A Table Doing A Jigsaw Puzzle Enjoying Copper Kettle Barbecue Chips” – 1000-piece set

“Family Of 4 Arguing Over Who The Fuck Lost The Bottom Right Corner Piece?!?!” – 500-piece set

“Uncle Dan Haphazardly Picking Out A Present For His Niece An Hour Before Her Birthday Party And Deciding A Jigsaw Puzzle Of A New York Skyline Will Do It’s On Sale” – 500-piece set

“37-Year-Old Single Dental Hygenist Home Alone With A Glass Of Sauvignon Blanc After An Attempt At A Night Out” – 200-piece set

“Dusty Closet Game Shelf Of Jigsaw Puzzles And An Old Version Of Mousetrap That’s Missing 12 Crucial Pieces” – 400-piece set


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