Darrin’s Break-Up Grooves

Choreographer to the stars, Darrin Henson (of VHS sensation “Darrin’s Dance Grooves” fame), is going through some stuff. Here, he uses his skills to instruct the home viewer in handling a break-up.

All right all right! Hey everybody, thanks for watching today! Me and my friends here hope you came today ready with a smile and a hard-working attitude.

And a heart that’s not quite ready to love again.

First, we’re going to do some simple warm-ups to get ourselves ready. Watch and follow along. Reach behind your back, with your arms in a swinging motion. Just like this. That’s it, y’all. Reach behind, into your back pocket, and pull out your iPhone to scroll furiously through her tagged Facebook photos from that costume party where she looks really happy and like she’s probably not at all torn up about you.

All right all right! Great work everyone. We’re gonna do the iPhone grab again, but this time, call her 4 times in a row – just like this. If it goes to voicemail, leave a  message. This is where you have freedom to make it your own! Let your inner sparkle shine.

Now we’re gonna take things a little faster.

Step to your left. Keep shuffling until you get to your freezer, where the Oreo ice cream is located. Eat it all standing up right there with the freezer still open. No bowl necessary.

Then, we’re gonna go home for a long weekend because we “need family” right now. But really, we just want to take ourselves back to the aesthetics of the place where we dwelled before we knew hurt.

Smooth, y’all!

Now, let’s do it again in six months because we refuse to change! All together now!


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