Things That I Hate About Myself

As I fell asleep last night, I smiled to myself bigger than I had in months as I listened to “At the Beginning” (from the soundtrack to the non-Disney animated musical from 1997, “Anastasia”) and imagined a slideshow of pictures of me in college playing in front of an audience and those audience members crying as a result of all of my nostalgic, fun times.

Today at work I was discussing my fear of graduating college. A fellow employee who is a recent college graduate told me that “…the real world is really fun.” My eyes became large and I replied, “What? What do you mean?”, because I genuinely believed that she was referring to the Music Television reality show and not, in fact, the actual thing that we are currently living in right this very second that is ‘real life’.

I learned the definition of the word “proviso” from the 1992 Disney animated film “Aladdin” and had not heard it since or thought about it until just tonight when it was mentioned in my Macroeconomics homework.

I told a visiting group at work that I did not speak Spanish even though I do speak Spanish and even though they desperately needed somebody to speak Spanish with in order to complete an important task — all for the sole purpose of not having to talk to anybody for just a few minutes.


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