This Will Be A Temperate GabFest

Girls, I’m so glad you all showed up to my sleepover. You may have been to other sleepovers throughout your elementary school careers, and they may have been uproarious and “crazy”, but I’m hoping to aim for something a little different here. This will be a temperate GabFest.

Don’t get me wrong. We will have plenty of fun. First on the agenda is not a pillow fight, but instead a pillow book exchange. We’ll each discuss our book selections (you all brought your books like I told you to, right? No, Jackie? Fine. Use one from my shelf. Just make sure it’s one that you have some contextual information about. Like, don’t pick “Of Mice and Men” if you have no knowledge about the socioeconomic implications of The Great Depression on American agriculture, okay?) and then have a fun little drawing to see who gets to take whose book home! We can sit on pillows during this process!

Oh, and we will certainly gab. I know Lexi had her first tongue kiss this week, but that’s not really the kind of content I’m going for here. I heard that Mrs. Raymond won the neighborhood Christmas light show for the first time! She took a chance with the choice to synchronize the lights flashing with a mash-up of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” and “Deck the Halls”, having only used one song or the other in past years. Let’s use that as a solid jumping off point.

Oh, um, Sarah? Could you keep your retainer in, please? Thanks.

I’m showing both “Passport to Paris” and “Winning London” in the upstairs office starting at 9pm, but it’s my Dad’s special room, so just don’t bring your sleeping bags up there. Fabric carries a lot of dust.

So, let’s get this thing started! Who wants to be the assigned verb-giver for Mad Libs? There can only be one!


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