The Top 10 Biggest FAILS Of 1861!

After seeing so many television specials and blog posts about the biggest “fails” of 2011, I thought it necessary to catalogue some “fails”, entertainment blog-style, of other years in American history.

10. Did you guys read in your local periodicals about Buchanan’s totally AWKWARD handshake with Lincoln’s wife?! Sleep with one eye open, Abe!

9. Ugh. Longfellow’s BOWTIE at the press gathering for the release of “Paul Revere’s Ride”. We haven’t read it, but is it about BEING OLD?!

8. Can you say be cool, Robert Anderson?!

7. OUCH! Let’s hope Winfield Scott has a back-up plan!

6. Two words: Ball’s Bluff. OK, come on now! Be mature, guys!

5. The surge of popularity in bugle and fife music. Enough with nostalgia trends!

4. Lincoln insisting on the top hat. We appreciate individuality but…like…you’re the President.

3. Mary Lincoln’s bonnet at the Inauguration. Um, last time we checked, baby blue does not go with periwinkle blue. Get that checked, sweetheart!

2. No one has time to wait around for you to grow a pair, McClellan!

1. Slavery


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