Other “I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS” Scenarios

We are all still reeling from this past season of “Breaking Bad” ending before we wanted it to, and people specifically can’t seem to get enough of Walt’s intense “I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS” speech. For when you need a boost, here are some other scenarios where that notable phrase can be used.

– Two telegram singers are at a customer’s doorstep. The more aggressive of the two is announcing job duties.

– A man and woman are flirting in a Southern bar. The bartender jokes about them “knockin’ boots” later. The woman’s boyfriend has been here the whole time, overhears this remark, and stakes his claim.

– Two male first graders are telling a knock-knock joke to impress a female second grader. Trevor fucked it up the first time and now they have to re-tell it under Bradley’s rules.

– Dad is telling a sad story about a car accident at Thanksgiving dinner. The son says, “Man, let’s all be thankful nothing bad has happened to us in a long time,” then proceeds to knock on the wooden table. Dad slaps his son’s fist away and lets everyone know that this story’s sentimental and hopeful ending is his territory.

– A group of high schoolers are having their first read-through of the spring production of “Noises Off!”


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