Eleven Other Girls Brought A Mia Hamm Poster For Show-And-Tell

Eleven other girls brought a Mia Hamm poster for show-and-tell. My name is Lexi and I’m in third grade.

I had just finished eating the chopped celery sticks Mom packed me for snacktime. We don’t have an actual snacktime in class but she gave me the bag that morning when I was getting out of the Subaru and said, “Here, just so you don’t overdo it later at lunch.” She only packs me organic goldfish, a banana, and a chicken salad sandwich but without the mayo or the chicken for lunch, so the celery is a nice treat.

We were walking down the hall to reading class, which is in a different classroom than math class. This is the first year where we have separate classes and it’s scary. There’s a different one for science, too. Now I have three teachers I have to impress. That’s not counting Mr. Philips, my PE teacher, because my parents take him out to dinner and stuff so he likes me. Also I play soccer so that helps.

Every Monday in reading class this year we have show-and-tell. But it’s weird because every week they want us to bring something different. I just brought a soccer ball every time last year for show-and-tell because that’s what I mainly get for Christmas and birthdays. The other kids say they all look the same but each one is different. Each one is SPECIAL. At least that’s what dad says every Christmas morning when my friends get Claire’s lipgloss kits with puppies wearing tiaras on the front and I ask him why I didn’t.

Before the weekend Mrs. Bell, our reading teacher, told us that Monday we had to bring something that inspired us. She said that “inspire” meant to make you dream. When I look at the Mia Hamm poster that my parents put up on the wall across from my bed I dream about the days at soccer practice when we get Jell-O snacks.

I don’t know that much about Mia Hamm except that she plays soccer and that Mom tells me I’m “little” her. I brought the poster in for show-and-tell because I wanted a change. But on Monday morning I was waiting outside Mrs. Bell’s room in the hallway and was talking to Christina, when I noticed that she was carrying a Mia Hamm poster.

“She’s my inspiration,” she said. “I want to be a strong lady who plays soccer in the pros when I grow up.” “Me too!” Kim shouted from across the hall. I saw then that she had the same Mia Hamm poster. I didn’t know what they were talking about but I walked into the classroom when Mrs. Bell opened the door and asked her if I could go first for show-and-tell, so that I wouldn’t look like a copy cat. She said no. And more girls kept walking in with the same poster. These were all the girls in my class who play soccer so I guess that makes sense. But they really, really liked her. A lot. All I know is that she’s the lady with the angry face who plays soccer, which I don’t plan on doing past fifth grade. I haven’t told my parents that yet but I mean they can’t make me go to practice.

A bunch of people went before me for show-and-tell and eleven of them were girls with Mia Hamm posters. I went up and said that it inspires me because it makes me think about the one time a week when I get something sugary. They laughed and I think that feels nice.


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