First Grader, Back To School, Claims “I’m Not Here To Make Friends”

Abby Raymond, 6, has started first grade at Seaside Elementary School, and she is self-admittedly not “playing around.”

“Recess just means more time for strategizing,” Raymond tells us over the phone. Due to prior plans of a sponge painting session with which Raymond plans to impress Mrs. Hannah Mills, homeroom teacher at Seaside Elementary, with her “ability to have fun with colors,” we could not schedule a meeting in person. Abby Raymond is going strong into this school year with an entirely new plan of how to tackle the “Mrs. M’s Stars” board. This is a bulletin board on the wall of a Seaside classroom covered in colorful construction paper, serving as the backdrop for a chart in which lies the names of each of the first graders in Mrs. Mills’ homeroom class. “I’m not getting second place again,” reports a determined Raymond.

“I just put star stickers under some of their names when I remember that that board exists. I give the one with the most stars a hug on the last day of school. That’s it…”, reports Mills.

Raymond’s star sticker count from last year came just short of having the most out of the entire class, coming in second to Julie Nell, age 6. Raymond is determined to not let it slip through her fingers this year, even arriving to the first day of class with a 64-pack of Crayola crayons, going above and beyond the 12-pack recommended on the required school supply shopping list.

“Other kids will ask to use my crayons all the time. I’ll give them one, and then BOOM. They owe me a favor,” reports Raymond.

“…the other kids don’t get that it’s all a game…a web. And not like the web game we play in PE with jump ropes and monkey bars.”

Before ending our phone interview, there was muffled conversation in the background that our experts failed to make out much of except Raymond’s mother muttering something about “…no hugs…until peas are finished.”


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