Area Man Convicted Of Double Homicide, Holds On To Winning Family Game Night Title Third Week In A Row

Harry Littleton, 48, is not one to give up easily. After being led by special security into the sector of New Mexico State Prison in which he now resides, we learned just how much Littleton, father of three, comes by his talent honestly.

“Yep, Pop raised me on the stuff. Scattegories, Pictionary, early Clue. Early, early Clue. We had the original box and everything. I remember that old rules book he’d read to me. Oh, I must have been nine or ten. It had coffee stains on it. Can’t say how much I owe this all to Pop.”

Last Thursday evening at approximately 10:38pm, Littleton won a heated match of Trivial Pursuit, ending with him murdering two of his three children. Family Game Night is a weekly tradition in the Littleton household and Breckin, 18, was looking like he might sweep.

“The boy knows his pop culture. But that last piece of pink pie was mine, I could just feel it.”

Breckin was reported deceased at 10:36pm Thursday evening.

The previous two Littleton Family Game Nights were focused on Monopoly, and Harry reports that things had to turn around.

“I only won those games by the skin of a rabbit. I told the youngest boy, I said, ‘I swear if you don’t sell me Marvin Gardens I will skin Terry, your rabbit.’ ”

Littleton won both Monopoly games without having to pay rent for so much as one hotel. His youngest son, Eddie, 11, is still in tact as is his rabbit. His wife, Marla, could not be contacted for comment, but he reports that she was impressed after his most recent win.

“She’s funny when it comes to showin’ feelings, but she was proud of me, I know it. You could tell by her wide, appreciative eyes.”

Taylor, 16, fell to the board game expertise of his father that Thursday night as well.

“I think him and Breckin had a thing goin’. Like, they’d study before Trivial Pursuit about history and stuff. Had to break that up. No cheatin’ allowed on Littleton Family Game Night!”

Though game nights will have to be on hold for a while, Harry soldiers on.

“There’s no practice to it. Ya either have it or you don’t. I can jump back in anytime.”

Surviving family members Marla and Eddie will not be having Family Game Night in the Littleton household anytime in the near future, as the home is now considered unlivable. Harry cannot legally bring board games into the high security cell in which he resides but he has found his own games to play, such as “Make The Scratches On The Wall Into A Dream Puzzle With Your Mind” and “Mattress Rip Expedition Adventure”.


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