Charity Founded For Those Frequently Stopped On Street By Charity Workers

The American Cancer Society, Invisible Children, and The Humane Society can welcome a new addition into their charitable circle. Walk To Work is the brainchild foundation that lends loving support to less fortunate American citizens whose schedules are traumatically interrupted on a weekly – and in some cases we have been told of, daily – basis by red-vest-wearing-paperwork-bearing sweaty volunteers with boundary issues.

Though still in its embryonic stages of development and marketing, the organization has raised over 23K for its cause. All proceeds go toward reaching out to those who were listening to their iPods at 6:30am and effectively tuning out the world until they were caught in an eager Red Cross worker’s line of vision. The harsh “Hey, can you come talk to me for a minute? Red Cross. Wanna help people out?” yelled on the sidewalk can be and often is louder than “What Difference Does It Make?” by The Smiths played on an mp3 player and proceeds to snap the young businessperson out of their pre-workday mind-tranquilizing stroll to the subway station.

“It’s like my whole morning zone is totally thrown off,” states city dweller and marketing assistant Gina Gabriel, 24. “I have to walk by that corner to get to my office building. There are no shortcuts. I’ve looked.”

Gina is not alone. There are millions of young professionals just like her who face this mood-killer every morning as they make their way to their respective businesses. Though the Red Cross workers must know that one in formal business attire walking briskly past donning white earbuds will always politely decline an invitation to look at the clipboards they are rapidly waving with desperation, they still persist, and there is nothing Walk To Work can do to stop it, even if they had all of the celebrity endorsements and rubber bracelets in the world.

What they can do is provide emotional support and psychological treatment to those affected. The ‘treatment’ offered is donations of newer technologically advanced noise-cancelling headphones that can easily plug in to any iPod, Samsung Android, or smartphone.

“This is a godsend,” lauds Gabriel. It is clear that she is filled with emotion – and newfound hope. “I totally won’t hear them talking to me anymore so I won’t have to feel weird and say ‘no thanks’ every morning. It’s like they won’t even be there.”

This only marks the beginning of the fight for a peaceful, non-jarring pedestrian experience across America. The charity has galas, press events, and celebrity endorsements in the works. As the foundation’s motto says, “Hope is in Help, and Help is in Better Headphones”.

You can donate to Walk To Work by dialing 1-800-NO-THANKS-IM-IN-A-RUSH-IM-SORRY-NOT-TODAY-I-GIVE-BLOOD-ALREADY or texting PASSIVEUSA to the number found on the company’s website. The website is under construction as Walk To Work is currently preoccupied with their embroilment in a legal battle with The American Red Cross over featuring Chayanne in television commercial advertisements.


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